Selected discography
Blues, Waltzes and Badland Borders 2007
Lucky Dog 2002
With Van Morrison
Moondance 1970
His Band and the Street Choir 1971
Hard Nose the Highway 1973
It’s Too Late to Stop Now (Live) 1974
No Guru, No Method, No Teacher 1986
The Philosopher’s Stone 1998
With Randy Newman
Good Old Boys 1974
With Chip Taylor
Gasoline 1972
Last Chance 1973 (Rerelease 1997)
Some of Us 1974
Saint Sebastian 1980
London Sessions 2000
Black and Blue America 2001
As Producer
For Guy Davis: Butt Naked Free 2000
Nod to Bob (Dylan Tribute) 2001
For Chip Taylor: Black and Blue America (Associate Producer)
Lisa McCormick: Sacred 1999
Stephanie Corby: Fireworks in March 2001